Holiday Gift Guide For Triathletes


December is the month of BUY ME. And as annoying as the constant onslaught of advertising can be, a lot of us will be buying gifts for our friends, coworkers, and family. So if you know a triathlete and are planning on treating them to something “real nice” as Uncle Eddie would put it, check out our Holiday Gift Guide For Triathletes.

  1. Chain lube


What is small, slippery, and one of the most used items in all of the cycling world? Chain lube baby! This is a great idea for a stocking stuffer, small gift, or token of your appreciation for that beloved little cyclist in your life. Don’t be a Fred, always have lube on hand. We love the Rock N Roll brand. Link here for quick Amazon buy or read more about their other products on the site.

2. Swim skin + Goggles


This gift is perfection for someone looking to compete in non wetsuit-legal races, triathletes who swim in warmer waters, or the open water swimmer who doesn’t want to be restricted by a neoprene mummy grip on their precious, perfect bodies. We love the Viper Pro Swimskin by ROKA. They offer lower and higher price range models of these suits, but the Viper Pro is a nice mid range option. And while you are on the site, get your adventurous swimmer a pair of the coolest goggles on the market. The R1 Goggle by ROKA is one of the best selling, sexiest styles of goggles you can find. Merry Swimming.

3. CycleOps Bike Trainer

The CycleOps Fluid2 Bike Trainer is boasted as the best selling trainer in the US! How’s that for some brand security? Fluid trainers are the foundation of the indoor “crappy weather” cycling world and won’t break the bank like some of the fancier models on the market. Check it out here!

Katie Godec