Reign™ Total Body Fuel Serving BCAA's Straight To Your Workout

“This post has been sponsored by Reign ™ Total Body Fuel. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”


You know those words or phrases that you hear and use in your conversations but you actually have NO idea what they stand for? That used to be me when it came to discussions surrounding BCAAs. What is that? A personal training credential? Can you take it online? I can bet that most of you know that BCAA stands for “Branched Chain Amino Acids.” But are you like I used to be and have a foggy idea of what that actually means? The word that ties it all together is MUSCLE. BCAAs are fuel for your muscles. They assist in promoting muscle growth, decreasing muscle soreness, and helping prevent excess muscle breakdown. For fit people (as I like to call us), this is pretty magical.


Incorporating Reign™ Total Body Fuel into my training routine was an easy choice. I am a HUGE fan of the BCAAs, natural caffeine, AND electrolytes it offers. Who wants to drink or eat all of those things separately?

Like I said, EASY. Something I was nervous about when trying a new drink like this is the artificial flavors they often have. Reign contains zero sugar, zero calories, and zero artificial flavors or colors. Another check off on my list.

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So, when do I drink Reign? I am for sure a "before training" caffeinator. Being able to pick this drink up at places like Dollar General makes it extremely convenient to grab before a workout as well. Admittedly, I didn't realize they sold drinks like this at Dollar General, but once I found my way to the cold cases in the back of the store, I was pleasantly surprised! They had my favorite flavor: Peach Fizz. ANOTHER CHECK. Having access to this kind of drink that doesn't cost a week's worth of groceries made me re-think how much money I have been spending on beverages. I highly recommend trying out Reign™ Total Body Fuel and for less than a couple dollars, you really don't have that much to lose. 


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